This is the first, and only, web site in English about walking in Extremadura, Spain. Most of the walks featured are in Cáceres province, where I have lived and walked for the past seven years. I hope you enjoy the site. If you need help or information just e-mail. I always answer everyone.

Here you will find:

  1. regularly written up walks and routes

  2. maps

  3. GPS points to locate walks accurately

  4. information on walking in Extremadura

  5. a lot of photography to tempt you here

  6. a few historical notes on the routes

  7. where to stay

  8. changing pages and updates

Walking Extremadura will show you the beauty of walking in this area - and not just walking. This is also the place for painters, flower lovers, bird watchers, photographers, animal lovers, people who love beauty and people who love history. That’s before we start on about lovers of good food and relaxed and enjoyable company. You will find all that and more.

I’m launching these pages for two reasons. First, to share my love of walking where I have chosen to live. Second, to provide information in English about this wonderful location.

I hope the site provides sufficient insight into the walking opportunities in this little known and unspoiled area. If it tempts you to be walking Extremadura yourself, then so much the better.

To navigate this site use the horizontal menu bar under the masthead at the top. Walks can be accessed quickly directly from the map page. The site has been made simple so that all of us spend less time on the computer and more time walking. I have my boots on, ready, as I write.

Gisela Radant Wood

All photography and text on this site © Gisela Radant Wood


Nearly, nearly ready to  launch the redesigned web site. It will need a bit of post-launch work and it will take me another week or so but as long as it ‘works’ I can sort the rest out.

Two superb walks these last two weeks; one in Quintana de la Serena in Badajoz Province (photo above) and the other in the Valley del Ambroz.

Updated 25.11.2014

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